A Natural Accent in Your Home

When you begin looking for exciting accent pieces that you can incorporate into your home décor, you may come across the idea of an animal skin rug. Cow, zebra and even bear skins are commonly used for floor rugs in homes across the country and beyond, but you can also venture into a plusher option with a sheepskin rug. You understandably want to choose an animal skin type that is functional and attractive, and a closer look at what sheepskin offers may convince you that this is the right material to incorporate into your décor.

An Extensive Range of Colors
All animal skins have a distinctive look, and some are only available in select colors and prints. For example, most bearskins are a shade of brown or black, and they have a solid hue. Zebra skins have black and white stripes. These are a just a few examples of how limiting your color and style options can be with some types of animal hides. Sheepskin is unique because it is available in more than a dozen different hues and shades. In fact, you can find colors that range from champagne, beige and caramel to taupe, chocolate and pure black. With so many colors available, it is easy to select the right accent piece to throw across your floor.

A Variety of Functional Uses
When you think about buying sheepskin rugs to dress up your home, you understandably may think of rather small hides that are used as a floor covering. Because of their small size, you may think that they are only suitable as an accent piece rather than as a large floor covering that takes the front and center location in your room. Some hides are small, and these may be used next to your bed or a favorite chair. Other sheepskin rugs are comprised of four to six hides that are sewn together, so they have the dimensions that you may be looking for in a larger rug. Some people even use sheepskin as a wall hanging or as a throw for a sofa or chair. Because of how versatile it is and how many colors you can choose from, this is an excellent material that can work well with many types of decorative themes commonly found in homes.

The Perfect Accent Piece
Some accent pieces that you may be looking at today are purely decorative, and others are purely functional. It can be difficult to find a functional piece that is attractive to look at. However, a sheepskin rug fits the bill perfectly. In addition to the color choices available, this type of rug also has a softness that gives your home a sense of comfort and warmth. Because the element is natural, it brings in a unique quality that you may otherwise have been unable to attain. Many people also love the fact that the material can warm up cold floors in the winter and that it is machine-washable for easy care. With so many unique benefits, it is difficult resist sheepskin as a decorative material.

With many types of animal skins to consider using as a rug in your home, you need to think about the decorative impact that the skin will have in your room. You also need to focus on functionality and care requirements. As you review the many options available, you may decide that using a sheepskin as a floor covering is an excellent idea to move forward with. Remember that you can explore specific sheepskin rugs, and this gives you the ability to order the exact rug that you wish to enjoy in your home.

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